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Hyped Tribal Jeans

Hyped Tribal Jeans

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High-quality light blue jeans with 2 raw prints that gives the unique underground lukamachain look & feel.

Design by Lars-Kristian Claeys, Nina Waghemans & Dusit Van de Velde.


The lukamachain Hyped Tribal jeans has a nice baggy oversized fit.


We recommend sizes according to the lengths below

< 1m65: X-Small

1m65 - 1m75: Small

1m75 - 1m85: Medium

1m85 - 1m90: Large

> 1m90: X-Large


Please allow 7 business days to process orders. Please allow 1-4 days
to arrive once shipped for domestic shipments. Please allow 1-7 days
for EU shippings. If you have any questions regarding your order email: or with Instagram Direct message to @Lukamachain

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